Activity Plan

Activity Plan

The Global Research Forum on Sustainable Production and Consumption was initially launched in response to UNDESA’s call for 10 Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production. While decision on the further development of the 10YFP on SCP is pending the global community of SCP researchers is moving forward. With the inclusion of the 10YFP on SCP in the Future We Want government negotiated outcome of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, the GRF is considering its relationship with the emerging official program.

Besides organizing this website and the workshop in Rio in June 2012, GRF established a list of interested persons and institutions, and a mid-term plan is under development. Elements of this mid-term plan are the following:

  1. a 10-year research agenda (read more…)
  2. an easy accessible database for papers, reports, and projects (read more…)
  3. a communication strategy on SCP (read more…)
  4. global meetings every 2 years, regional meetings every year (read more…)

For further information please also have a look on the GRF input to the Zero Draft Document for the Rio+20 Conference and the content papers  Still Waiting for Delivery and 10 Steps to the 10 Year Framework.


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