Research Agenda

A 10-year Research Agenda

This SCP research program would focus on several levels and areas, including compilation of current projected trends over the next 10 years on the global crises as well as analyzing the production/consumption patterns driving those crises. This compilation of trend and driver projections could be done at the global as well as regional and national levels. In addition, the SCP research program would survey research and knowledge being generated on production/consumption patterns within each major economic sector (e.g., food/agriculture, housing, transportation, energy), ensuring this information is available to those organizations and initiatives where this knowledge is essential. The research program could also inventory assessments of policy instruments, education programs, and various practices addressing key production/consumption problems. It could explore issues such as well-being and its indicators, cultures of consumption, advertising and education, technological developments including social networking; infrastructures as enablers or barriers; transition management and socio-technical transitions; social movements; jobs and employment as well as leisure time; economic growth, steady state, and degrowth; green supply chains; designing product service systems; extended producer responsibility; verification; fair trade, and many others. The SCP research program would especially focus on identifying and promoting greater knowledge on the critical intervention points in different production/consumption systems where change is desperately needed.


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