Rio June 12

The two and a half-day workshop was divided between a focus on the production of SCP research and its communication and application in practice.

Papers and powerpoints have been uploaded here.

Day 1: Wed 13 June – 1200 – 2030
Day 2: Thu 14 June – 8:30 – 2130
Day 3: Fri 15 June – 8:30 – 1800
A complete agenda can be downloaded here: GRFSPC Program 12June12.  You can also see the agenda at this link –

The program thus had elements of:

(1) academic research engaged in studying various questions and issues regarding production and consumption, and

2) research use and practices engaged in the application of research concepts and findings in policy making and advocacy, education, advocacy and business.

Invited participants submitted papers before the workshop. Scientific / Academic papers were invited which review (part of) the research field, and take stock of what has been achieved in terms of research from a specific interdisciplinary or regional perspective. Practitioners’ (policy makers, educators, civil society and business representatives) papers were invited to present their views, perspectives, and questions regarding the role of research as well as the obstacles in translating knowledge to action.

Keynote speakers included: Chee Yoke Ling, Jacqueline McGlade, Tim Jackson, Peter Victor and Adrian Smith. See their bios (and those of the participants) here.

For the two and a half day workshop a format was sought that avoided lengthy presentations (participants are asked to read the papers in advance); and that stimulated interactive dialogue about what has been learned and what new research is needed; and about challenges and strategies on how to bridge practice and research. Discussions also considered regional, (trans)disciplinary, and policy perspectives.

Thank you to the notetakers: Phelipe Marmore, ESPM, Flavia Mattos, ESPM and Maria Elisabeth Goidanich.

  • October 30: Call for papers to invited participants
  • December 15: Submission of abstracts and expressions of interest. Abstracts need to be ½-1 page, and contain name and contact info, title, and a short description of the paper (scientific or practitioner)
  • January 1: Notification of acceptance of abstracts
  • January 15: Preliminary program
  • May 15: Submission of final papers
  • May 30: Distribution of papers and final program
  • June 13-15: GRF-SCP workshop in Rio de Janeiro
  • June 20-22: UN Rio+20 conference; GRF side event
  • 2012-2013: Publication of the papers in proceedings and special edition of a journal

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