A full list of participants can be downloaded as a pdf here: GRFSPC Participants 9June12.

The biographies of confirmed participants can be read here.

The workshop was by invitation only and there were 70 participants, researchers and  practitioners from various global regions. Participants were drawn from participating networks in the Global Research Forum and beyond. These include prominent scholars, practitioners, policy makers, educators, and representatives from minorities and disenfranchised groups from around the world, with a strong interest in SCP issues.

The organizing committee consists of the following persons:
Lewis Akenji, IGES – Japan
Jeffrey Barber, Integrated Strategies Forum; SCORAI – USA
Livia Barbosa, CAEPM/ESPM – Brazil
Janis Brizga, Green Liberty – Latvia
Theo de Bruijn, Greening of Industry Network- Netherlands
Luis Flores Mimica, Consumers International – Chile
Anna Golubovska-Onisimova, UNENGO “MAMA-86” – Ukraine
Lisa Gunn, IDEC – Brazil
Harn Wei Kua, NUS – Singapore
Sylvia Lorek, SERI – Germany
Mohan Munasinghe, MIND – Sri Lanka
Ligia Noronha, TERI – India
Fatima Portilho, Federal Rural University Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
Faiz Shah, Asian Institute of Technology – Thailand
Pedro Telles, Vitae Civilis – Brazil
Vanessa Timmer, One Earth – Canada
Victoria Thoresen, PERL- Norway
Burcu Tuncer, CSCP, Switch-Asia Network Facility- Germany
Philip Vergragt, Tellus Institute; SCORAI – USA
Frans Verspeek, CSCP, Switch-Asia Network Facility – Germany
Uchita de Zoysa, CED- Sri Lanka
Daniel Wanderley, a Graduate Student is helping as a volunteer at the Local Organizer Committee

Thank you to the notetakers Phelipe Marmore, ESPM, Flavia Mattos, ESPM and Maria Elisabeth Goidanich.


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