Papers / Powerpoints

You can download the PDFs of the papers and powerpoints from the 2012 conference here.

Keynote remarks
Chee Yoke Ling: Transformation to sustainability: A Southern perspective on production, consumption and equity
McGlade: Planet RE-Think: The role of sustainable consumption and production in an inclusive green economy (powerpoint PDF (McGlade))
Jackson & Victor: Towards an ecological macroeconomics
Smith et al (paper PDF): Grassroots innovation for sustainable development: some enduring dilemmas (powerpoint PDF (Smith))

Lunch Remarks (15 June)
Mohan Munasinghe (paper PDF): Millennium Consumption Goals Seek to Protect the Poor and the Planet

Long term vision and trends                     
Akenji (paper PDF): Consumer Scapegoatism and Limits to Green Consumerism (powerpoint PDF (Akenji))
Schroeder (paper PDF): Governance mechanisms for sustainable consumption and production in China (powerpoint PDF (Schroeder))
Brizga et al (paper PDF): Sustainable consumption and production governance in countries of transition (powerpoint PDF (Brizga))
Hengzhao and Kua (paper PDF): Integrated Energy Conservation Policies from the Ground Up: Lessons from the Eco-living Program of Singapore’s South West District (powerpoint PDF (Hengzhao & Kua))

Green Innovation
Echegaray (paper PDF): Understanding stakeholders’ views and support for solar energy in Brazil (powerpoint PDF (Echegaray))
Dewick: Food organizations, relational capacity, and accelerated eco-innovation
Krozer & Brezet (paper PDF): Natural Blends, Sustainable Innovations and Income Growth (powerpoint PDF (Krozer & Brezet))
Mortensen & Stenbaek (report PDF): EEA report “2012 update: Consumption and the Environment” (powerpoint PDF (Mortensen & Hansen))

Green Economy or Degrowth?
Juknys & Liobikiene (paper PDF): Sustainability of Catching-up Growth in the Extended European Union (powerpoint PDF (Juknys & Liobikienė))
Blumberga et al (paper PDF): Sustainable Development Modeling for the Energy Sector (powerpoint PDF (Blumberga et Al))
Lorek & Spangenberg (paper PDF): Sustainable consumption within a Sustainable Economy—debunking buzzwords to develop the content (powerpoint PDF (Lorek & Spangenberg))
Chiu (paper PDF): Green Economy and Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in the Philippines (powerpoint PDF (Chiu))

Life styles
Mont et al (paper PDF): Exploring Pathways towards Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 (powerpoint PDF (Mont))
Anantharaman (paper PDF): When do Consumers become Citizens? Behavior Change, Collective Action, and the New Middle Classes of India
Kapur Bakshi (paper PDF): Role of Local Governments in Fostering the Transition to Sustainable Lifestyles and Livelihoods and Improved Well-being (powerpoint PDF (Kapur Bakshi))

Ger et al (paper PDF): Sustainability of Consumption at home? The Cases of Brazil and Turkey
Martínez-Roca and Vazi (paper PDF): Conspicuous vs. Sustainable Consumption in the South: ‘Bling’ is Black? Deconstructing ‘Bling’ Culture in South Africa to Foster Behavioural Change Towards Sustainable Livelihoods (powerpoint PDF (Martínez-Roca & Vazi))
Barbosa and Veloso (paper PDF): Consumption, Domestic Life, and Sustainability in Brazil Barbosa, Portilho, Wilkinson and Dubeaux (paper PDF): Youth, Consumption and Political Culture: the Brazilian Case

Cooper (paper PDF): The Value of Longevity: Product Quality and Sustainable Consumption (powerpoint PDF Cooper)
Dendler (paper PDF): Sustainable Meta-labeling: An Effective Measure to Facilitate More Sustainable Consumption and Production?
Ariztia et al (paper PDF): Ethical Consumption in Brazil and Chile (powerpoint PDF (Ariztia et al))

Dahl (paper PDF): Values Education for SCP: From Knowledge to Action (powerpoint PDF (Dahl)
Rabelo & Vuolo (paper PDF): Children, Consumption, and Sustainability: The Negative Effects of Advertising and the Emergency of Adequate Public Policies
Cortés (paper PDF): Changing Our Emotions, Changing Our Culture: Exploring Maturana’s Potential Contributions to ESC (powerpoint PDF (Cortés))
Thoresen (paper PDF): Developing Value-based, Holistic Education for Sustainable Living (powerpoint PDF (Thoresen))

Mapping Knowledge, Practice and Leadership
Timmer et al. (paper PDF): Knowledge and Action: Advancing Sustainable production and Consumption through Practice-research Engagement (powerpoint PDF (Timmer et al))
Vinkhuyzen & Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen (paper PDF): The Role of Moral Leadership for Sustainable Consumption and Production (powerpoint PDF (Vinkhuyzen & Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen))
Barber (paper PDF): Mapping Communities of Practice Towards Sustainable Production and Consumption (powerpoint PDF (Barber))


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